Perth Busport - GHD Design

Perth Busport
Perth, West Australia

PTA’s design aspiration for the Perth Busport was for an airport quality lounge that would be an Australian first for bus transport - a dynamic stand allocation system and real time tracking system. The system has the flexibility to allocate arriving and departing buses to different stands each time, allowing for a greater number of arrivals and departures per hour and reducing the footprint of the new Busport.

The sinking of the Wellington Street Bus Station allows for the redevelopment and revitalisation of the above ground precinct, realising the vision of reconnecting the CBD with Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years.

The Busport design provides a signature identity for the new facility, one that seamlessly combines the various components of the Busport infrastructure together as one, creating a landmark presence in a developing urban environment.

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