GHD Design - Healthcare and Wellbeing


At GHD Design we understand that exceptional health facility design is required to support critical life experiences. Therefore, our highly collaborative design approach is tailored to the unique needs of staff, patients, their families and visitors.

We provide clients with a consistent and reliable professional service that covers all aspects from project initiation through to asset management. Our integrated services span health facility planning and design, from master planning and feasibility studies through to detailed design, documentation, project delivery, commissioning and post occupancy evaluations.

The depth of our expertise ranging from primary care facilities to tertiary referral hospitals, enables us to draw on evidence, stakeholder insights and lessons learned to inform designs. One example is the critical emphasis we place on clarity of facility planning that supports clear and logical wayfinding to reduce anxiety of patients and visitors. Another is the wellbeing benefit afforded by creating visual or physical connections with nature and of bringing in natural light and fresh air, providing respite. Additionally we strive to create inviting spaces that evoke a feeling of home for both staff and patients.

Gilda Donegan
Sector Leader Healthcare and Wellbeing - Australia
T: +61 7 3316 3184


Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

Modbury SpARC
South Australia